Our Games


Croke? brings the favorite table top game of skill and dexterity "Crokinole" to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Players compete to score the most points by shooting their discs into high scoring areas of play.? Simply touch an active disc to position it, then touch the animating orb widget and slide it through the disc to shoot it.

Version 1.0 provides single player gameplay against the computer, as well as two player networked: play a friend on your phone, or match your skills against players from around the world!

Coming Soon: Additional game options, new network game lobby, improved graphics and sound, and more!


Croke is now available on iTunes, for the iPhone & iPod Touch

On worlds where life is cheap, death has its price!

KIL.A.TON? is a fast paced artillery game with up to 6 tanks competing to be the last one standing.? Defeat your opponents to collect their bounties and spend the proceeds to outfit your tank with powerful weapons and defenses.

Game Features:

- 3 modes of play: Campaign, Online, Custom

- Internet online play over WiFi/3G/Edge

- Up to 6 tanks on the battlefield in all game modes

- Advanced AI with 4 difficulty levels to challenge all users

- 17 weapons and defensive systems

- Dynamic terrain: modify the battlefield to your advantage

- Amazing graphics, physics, and special effects

KIL.A.TON is now available on iTunes, for the iPhone & iPod Touch


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